1. Do you want a mount or not?
      • Most flat images do look better with a mount as it gives the image more space to breath and be appreciated.
      • An olive green mount looks great with old-fashioned photos – the pigment they used was very different back then – so the olive green brings the image out perfectly. There are many tricks like this in framing. But generally if you are not sure – go for a white or off-white.
      • A white or an off white mount keep the image clean – white and off whites are a good idea if your frame is elaborate or an odd colour. You don’t want too many colours in there or it will become confusing for the eye.
      • A good thing to do to add a little colour is to do a double mount with the colour you like on the bottom – as shown here

The colour options are limitless

Mount sizes – standard.
A4 – 5 or 6cm all round
A3 – 7 or 8cm all round
A2 – 8-10cm all round
A1 – When you get to these size larger frames generally look better than a big mount. Box frames for posters also look great.